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Brief Outline

     A western epic following the intertwined lives of several characters.  There is Elija, a savage but lonely mountain man who finds a 10-year-old indian girl abandoned to die alone, and Geraldine, an innocent 13 year-old girl who finds herself forced to survive alone in the harsh and unforgiving wilderness.  

     Follow a young Indian Chief on the run with his tribe and also the disgraced Cavalry Officer bent on catching them.  There is Elija's long-lost brother who kidnaps his true love, and four merciless outlaws who kill without remorse.  And there is Virginia, a bald-headed woman hiding her affliction far from civilization.  

     Nestor and Wiley, two lawmen, thread through the story as they pursue and are pursued.  Many more characters, some bad, some good appear and reappear.  

     You will care about these people.  Some you will like, some you will relate to, and some you will hate.  It is too large a story to be told in a mere 400 pages, or 500 pages, or 1000 pages, hence the 'Epic" part of the title.    

     Whether you buy this story for a Kindle or Ipad, or if you prefer a permanent hard-copy and select the books,  settle in for the long haul and allow yourself to go back in time to the fascinating old west and the people just like you and me who lived there.