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     There's something magical about a map when a man doesn't know where it leads or what is waiting at the other end.       John T. Walker has survived in the old west by moving on without an eye to settling down anywhere until he gets off the stage at the Mindowan Stage Station and abruptly decides to stay a spell.  Any place with a woman as kind and fine-looking as Sarah could be called home.  

     After a while it seems as though life has finally become less hard and promises even more.      

     A stage arrives and as the passengers partake of  Sarah's cooking a stranger rides up followed by seven others who are not interested in eating.  In a sudden frantic blast of guns the innocent and guilty alike spill their lives inside the station.  

     A stricken Walker is forced to watch his Sarah die slowly but not before she makes him promise to find her daughter, Emily, back in Boston.    

     Now Walker has not one mission but two.  He must find Emily in civilized Boston, a foreign land for this cowboy, and he must follow the map he found on the dead stranger's body.  For the first time in his life Walker is not just riding on, he's riding on to his destiny...